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Organized in February, 2004, Advance Planning Services® became one of the “first” marketing partners of the NGL Insurance Group (National Guardian Life of Madison, Wisconsin). The NGL Insurance Group entered the funeral plan Pre-funding business in 1997 under the leadership of Ed Patschke who had previously managed life insurance operations for the SECURA Insurance Companies of Appleton, Wisconsin. NGL’s entry into the funeral plan Pre-funding industry quickly proved successful which led to a greater commitment by the company to expand its’ Preneed Insurance operations to the funeral home and financial industry.

The Funeral Expense Trust, an instrument for the financial professional to assist the senior client to set aside or earmark funds for funeral expenses, became a reality in early 2002. Burial insurance was not being sold in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin Medicaid Manual. Yet, Final Expense designed for funeral expenses was available, however not designed in a form to be treated as an exempt burial asset under Medicaid eligibility guidelines.

Advance Planning Services®, working in collaboration with National Guardian Life Insurance Company, authored a program that became recognized by Wisconsin, and various other states if properly formed, as an exempt funeral plan similar to a prearranged and pre-funded funeral plan purchased through a funeral home. In the process of developing the delivery of NGL’s Preneed Insurance Program, Advance Planning Services® began to recognize that a part of the funeral planning population, while potentially interested in setting aside funds for a funeral, was reluctant to discuss pre-planning with a funeral professional. Rather, there was stronger interest in discussing end of life issues, including funding, with their financial or legal advisors. This interest resulted in the development and introduction of the Irrevocable Funeral Expense Trust (IFET™) that has today become a recognized financial planning tool for the senior market sector.

Advance Planning Services® has worked closely with National Guardian Life Insurance Company since assisting with the original development of the Funeral Expense Trust concept and program. Over time, as the IFET™ has become more broadly recognized, the APS team has maintained a leadership position in supporting the distribution, sales support, compliance and marketing of the program with financial professionals who have elected to offer the IFET™ through APS.

Given the background and extensive experience of the APS team with the Funeral Expense Trust, we invite you to learn more about the benefits the IFET™ program can bring to your practice as financial practitioners.


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Irrevocable Funeral Expense Trust

  • Funeral Expenses paid first – excess funds paid to the Estate of Insured
  • Medicaid Exempt – immediately
  • $15,000 Maximum investment
  • No Trust or administration fees
  • Funded with "guaranteed issue" life insurance
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Irrevocable Estate Planning Trust

  • Funeral Expenses paid first – excess funds paid directly to named beneficiaries
  • Medicaid Exempt – after five years
  • $50,000 Maximum face value
  • No Trust or administration fees
  • Funded with "guaranteed issue" life insurance
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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

  • Approved – regardless of health conditions
  • Maximum issue age 99 (Single-Pay)
  • 1, 3, 5, 7, & 10 year paid-up available
  • Death benefit increases daily
  • Simple growth – current max rate 3%
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